Please ensure you can attend all face to face learning days of a course (where a course has more than one day) and are able to complete the online work in the required timeframe (where applicable) before applying. Defer costs will apply if you are unable to attend any days of the course after booking.

You can apply and view the full details of each course by clicking on the course name below.

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Course: Online Learning Enrolment: Face to Face Number of Learning Hours Status:
Start Date: End Date: Contact: Non Contact:
Motherwell - CSCO015
N/A 05-Aug-21 10-Sep-21 Course started
Remote - FFMOT046
01-Sep-21 09-Sep-21 01-Oct-21 0 16 Course started
Taunton - OENG224
23-Aug-21 20-Sep-21 04-Oct-21 24 25 Course started
Doncaster - OENG215
26-Aug-21 23-Sep-21 07-Oct-21 24 25 Course started
Sale - FENG196
30-Aug-21 27-Sep-21 22-Nov-21 34 166 Reserves being taken
Southampton - OENG218
06-Sep-21 04-Oct-21 18-Oct-21 24 25 No vacancies
Kirkby in Ashfield - OENG222
09-Sep-21 07-Oct-21 04-Nov-21 24 25 No vacancies
Huntley - OENG226
10-Sep-21 09-Oct-21 30-Oct-21 24 25 No vacancies
Remote - FFMOT048
28-Sep-21 12-Oct-21 05-Nov-21 0 16 Vacancies
Hinckley - FENG195
14-Sep-21 12-Oct-21 08-Dec-21 34 166 No vacancies
Bradford - OENG227
16-Sep-21 14-Oct-21 09-Nov-21 24 25 No vacancies
Horsham - FENG190
22-Sep-21 20-Oct-21 10-Dec-21 34 166 No vacancies
Northwich - FENG197
24-Sep-21 23-Oct-21 11-Dec-21 34 166 Last few remaining vacancies
Aviemore - OSCO042
30-Sep-21 28-Oct-21 11-Nov-21 24 25 No vacancies
Remote - CBECPD999
30-Oct-21 30-Oct-21 27-Nov-21 0 3 Vacancies
Remote - FFMOT051
25-Oct-21 05-Nov-21 03-Dec-21 0 16 Vacancies
Remote - FFMOT049
01-Nov-21 16-Nov-21 12-Dec-21 0 16 Vacancies
Tylorstown - OWAL006
22-Oct-21 20-Nov-21 11-Dec-21 24 25 No vacancies
Tylorstown - OWAL007
25-Oct-21 22-Nov-21 10-Dec-21 24 25 No vacancies
Southampton - PSICPD094
N/A 23-Nov-21 23-Nov-21 2 0 No vacancies
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