If there are no suitable dates below, please contact the LLT office. If there is enough interest in a geographical area we will look to instigate a course.

Course: Online Learning Enrolment: Face to Face Number of Learning Hours Status:
Start Date: End Date: Contact: Non Contact:
Northampton - OENG232
27-Jan-22 24-Feb-22 11-Mar-22 24 25 No vacancies
London - OENG233
01-Feb-22 01-Mar-22 15-Mar-22 24 25 No vacancies
Bridgend - OWAL008
02-Feb-22 02-Mar-22 17-Mar-22 24 25 No vacancies
Highnam - OENG225
18-Feb-22 19-Mar-22 02-Apr-22 24 25 No vacancies
Clacton on Sea - OENG231
21-Feb-22 21-Mar-22 04-Apr-22 24 25 Reserves being taken
Welwyn Garden City - OENG228
19-Apr-22 17-May-22 31-May-22 24 25 No vacancies