Dawn, Susie and Bob, the Directors of LLT, have published in peer reviewed Journals, written reviews and articles, book chapters and books, factsheets and booklets, recommendations for good practice, and consulted on CDs, videos and DVDs for both professionals and older people wanting to be more active. They are also regular contributors to the media (TV, Radio and Print).

Some of their publications are listed below. News items can be found here and Videos, DVDs, CDs, Articles, Books and Resources for professionals and for the public can be found here.

Research Papers

Please click here to download a copy of publications from Dawn Skelton (to Aug 2016), regarding the evidence base behind PSI, OEP, CBE and other products. If you would like a copy of any of these please contact the LLT office.

Reviews, Articles and Books

Designing programmes for older adults. Personal Trainer, April 2015. P71-72. PDF Download.

Living well with Dementia: A framework for programs. Laventure RME, Aherne C. ICAA, The Journal on Active Aging. 2009. PDF download

Someone Like Me: Increasing Participation in Physical Activity Among Seniors With Senior Peer Health Motivators. Laventure RME, Dinan SM, Skelton DA. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 2008; 16(Suppl):S76-77 PDF download

Exercise and Falls Prevention in Older People. Skelton DA. CME Geriatric Medicine 2007; 9: 16-21 This can be viewed as a PDF

Exercise and Bone Health. Omnabele-Pearson G, Skelton DA. In: Managing Osteoporosis. Lanham-New S, O’Neill T, Morris R, Skelton D, Sutcliffe A (eds). Clinical Publishing, Oxford 2007; pp 151-168. ISBN 1 904392 73 3. PDF download

How can the Primary Care Team help Older People stay active and maintain independence? Skelton DA. Update (GPs) Feb: 78-81, 2006. .PDF download

Active for Later Life. Young A, Dinan S. British Medical Journal 2005; 330(7484):189-91.

Interventions to prevent accidental falls among older people. Skelton DA, Todd C. World Health Organisation Health Evidence Network Document. 2004.
PDF download

Exercise for the Prevention of Falls and Injuries: Specialist Training for Health and Exercise Professionals Working with Frailer Older People. Dinan SM. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 2004; 12 (3); 444-445.

Later Life Training: Exercise and Physical Activity Training for Working with Older People in the UK. Skelton DA. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 2004; 12 (3); 274-275. PDF download.

The Postural Stability Instructor: Qualification in the UK for Effective Falls Prevention Exercise. Skelton DA. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 2004; 12 (3); 375-376. PDF download.

Physical Activity and Health – from the cradle to the grave – Or Lessons that will Last a Lifetime? Laventure RME. PEAUK 2002 Fellows Lecture. British Journal of Teaching PE. Summer 2003.

Health promotion and physical activity. Kennie DC, Dinan S, Young A. In: Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology- 2nd Edition. Eds: Brocklehurst J, Tallis R, and Fillit H. 2003. London: Churchill Livingstone.

“Someone Like Me !” – Senior Peer Mentoring and Physical activity – a Guide to Practice. Laventure RME. British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health. 2003.

Active for Later Life. Laventure RME.British Heart Foundation tool kit for promoting physical activity with older adults. 2003. PDF download.

Falls Prevention Among Older People: Specific exercise is the key. Simey P, Skelton DA, Dinan S, Laventure RME. British Medical Journal 2002; 325:p1171.

Exercise for Vulnerable Older Patients. Dinan S. In: Exercise Prescription for Patients. Eds: Young A, Harries M. Royal College of Physicians, London. 2001.

The role of the Clinical Exercise Practitioner. Laventure RME. In: Exercise Prescription for Patients. Eds: Young A, Harries M. Royal College of Physicians, London. 2001.

NHS: Exercise Referral Systems: A National Quality Assurance Framework. Craig A, Dinan S, Smith A, Taylor A, Webborn N. Department of Health. The Stationary Office. 2000. PDF download.

Physical Activity in Later Life: Further Analysis of the Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey and the Health Education Authority Survey of Activity and Health. Skelton DA, Young A, Walker A, Hoinville E. Health Education Authority, The Stationary Office, London. 1999.

Exercise for falls management: Rationale for an exercise programme to reduce postural instability. Skelton DA, Dinan SM. Physiotherapy: Theory and Practice 1999; 15: 105-120 PDF download

Guidelines: Promoting Physical Activity with People with Disabilities. Dinan S, Messent P. Health Education Authority, The Stationary Office, London. 1997.

Presentations at Conferences and Study Days

Is exercise the answer for all older people? Skelton DA. Keynote at the 12th International Conference on Falls and Postural Stability, Manchester, Sept 2011. PDF of presentation

Physical Activity Promotion – Blending policy, research and practice. Laventure B. Presentation at Bath University, Oct 2010.

Strengths and weaknesses of falls prevention strategies. Skelton DA. Presentation at Aberystwyth University, Wales, Sept 2010. PDF of presentation.Physical Activity and Osteoporosis. Skelton DA. Presentation at the European Calcified Tissue Society Congress, Vienna, May 2009. PDF of presentation.

Evidence base behind exercise to reduce falls. Skelton DA. Worcestershire Falls Event, 28th Feb 2008. PPT presentation available to download, but please credit the original author :).

Falls Prevention and Osteoporosis. Skelton DA. Presentation to the BHFNC Tipping The Balance Conference, Loughborough University, Sept 2006. PDF of presentation.

Effects of age, disease and inactivity on muscle function and balance related to risk of falls. Skelton DA. Southampton Bespoke Training Day, June 2006: PDF of Presentation

Physical Activity and Bone Health. Skelton DA. 4th National Conference on Osteoporosis & Falls, Derby University, Nov 2005. PDF of presentation

Learning/Educational Tools for Falls Prevention. Skelton DA, Dinan SM, Morris R. , 4th National Conference on Osteoporosis & Falls, Derby University, Nov 2005: Copy of Workshop. PDF of presentation

Attitudes and beliefs about the uptake and adherence of exercise and physical activity in 60 – 70 year olds in relation to fall prevention. Horne M, Skelton D, Todd C. Poster at British Psychological Society. 2005. PDF of poster

This publications and presentations list is not exhaustive, if you would like further information or a copy of any article, or would like a copy of any recent presentation that you have heard us deliver, please contact the LLT Office.