Otago Home Exercise Programme Audio Senior Woman with HeadphoneLater Life Training are proud to announce that the Otago Home Exercise Programme for Strength and Balance Audio package is available here. Suitable for anyone with visual impairment who needs a little extra help, or for anyone who would like an audio prompt to guide them through the exercises each day, these audio packages have been tailored to suit all levels.

Presented by a professional qualified Otago Exercise Programme Leader these audio guides take you through each and every exercise with .mp3 playlists for different levels of ability.


Playlist Options

  • Includes all warm up, early stage strength and balance exercises (all with full support options), & a cool down.
  • Includes all warm up, strength and balance exercises (with light hand hold* options), a cool down & info on walking.
  • Includes all warm up, all strength and balance exercise (without support options), a cool down & info on walking.

*Also includes an additional ‘Making Progress’ Intermediate Level playlist for those who are at this level and need a little extra challenge but are not quite ready for the Advanced Level.



Example Audio Files

Example 1: 3.5 Strength – Side Hip Strengthener (Full Support)

Example 2: 4.8c Balance – Sideways Walking (Reduced Support – No Grip)

Additional Information

Although we know it is best to tailor the exercises to suit the individual, for ease, we have also provided FOUR playlists (.pdf) for you to start with:

Beginners Level

This Beginners level set of exercises does not include the exercises that are considered higher balance challenges (toe and heel walking, heel toe walking, backwards walking, heel-toe walking backwards, walking and turning (figure of 8)) – these should only be introduced when the participant has mastered the basic exercises.

Intermediate Level and Making Progress

The Intermediate Level set of exercises includes some of the exercises not included in the Beginners Level. These are introduced with full support but the beginners level exercises are progressed to reduced support. Stair walking is introduced. There is a second playlist* called Intermediate Level Making Progress, which takes the set whole set of exercises to reduced support options and adds in an introduction about walking.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level Programme includes all OEP exercises with no support (no use of hands) and is only advised in people who have already improved their balance significantly with the earlier stages of the programme, or perhaps as an ongoing home exercise programme for people who have been through a Postural Stability Instructor Programme and have reached a level of proficiency and safety to perform these exercises unsupported.

Additional Exercises to OEP

We have added in some warm up circulation boosters, some cool down stretches and some pelvic floor exercises as these ensure we are meeting the needs of our older population.  We have also added the purpose of each exercise at the start so we hope this will help motivate the older person to try to complete the full number of repetitions.

How to use the files downloaded or on CD

The idea is to either buy a CD or download the files, then you get all files individually and also four playlists. You can burn the individual playlists (beginners, intermediate and making progress and advanced) to CDs as required so that your clients/patients get one set of exercises on their CD.


The audio files can be supplemented with our freely downloadable OEP booklet.

With thanks to:

Professor John Campbell and Dr Clare Robertson, from the University of Dunedin, Otago – the original developers of the Otago Home Exercise Programme.
Clare Strongman and Simon Hanna (Cambridgeshire Falls Service) for providing the text and voice overs for the audio files.

Terms and Conditions:

1. These audio files have been created based on the original Otago exercises but we have also added in some warm up, cool down and pelvic floor exercises.  Therefore the Intellectual Property remains with Later Life Training Ltd.
2. These audio files are intended to be used with patients/clients who have received an assessment of baseline ability and have been taught how to do the exercises by a trained Otago Exercise Programme (OEP) Leader, Postural Stability Instructor (PSI) or trained Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.
3. These audio files may NOT BE SOLD (at a cost) to any other provider or patient/client.  Legal action will be taken if you are found to be selling these audio files.
  • Otago Home Exercise Programme Audio Download

    Download a .zip file containing all of the OEP Audio files and Playlists.

    Check before you buy!
    Please make sure you can download files of 100Mb before purchase!
  • Otago Home Exercise Programme Audio CD

    OEP Audio CD Delivered To Your DoorIf you can’t download why not have a CD with all the OEP Audio files and Playlists delivered to your door for just £10.00 (incl VAT + P&P).