Our booklets have been designed to be used by LLT qualified instructors with their clients to promote home exercise between group sessions as we know that regular exercise (at least 3 times a week) makes a difference to the speed of positive outcomes.

We are pleased to be able to offer free downloads of our own home exercise booklets. The text and illustrations are by two of our most senior tutors, Sheena Gawler and Simon Hanna, edited by Dawn Skelton, and the overall design (v2) by Helen Skelton.

We have one booklet that you can download from the website – a home exercise booklet for those who attend Chair-Based Exercise (CBE) Leaders classes.

Our full range of exercise booklets are now available to download on our brand new membership forums. To register for free, please email Louise on info@laterlifetraining.co.uk

We have 13 booklets in total, that can be freely downloaded by LLT trained OEP leaders, CBE Leaders, PSIs and EfS instructors.

Use of these home exercise booklets pertain to scope of practice/qualifications and awards held by instructors/leaders using them (insurance provision to be considered when recommending home exercise booklets).

It is possible to scale PDFs to fit the paper size you prefer when printing.

If you need the PSI/OEP/CBE booklets in another EU language, you can visit the ProFouND website – home exercise booklets for the booklets in 12 different languages. Although all booklets are in colour, you can print in black and white.

If you are an EfS Instructor, you can download a suite of home exercise sheets that allows you to tailor a home exercise programme to support your clients needs and impairments. Just click here for more information

  • LLT OEP Leaders/PSIs/EfS Instructors/CBE Leaders have authorisation to download/print booklets and disseminate to their participants provided the booklet is within their scope of practice/level of training e.g. a CBE Leader may not disseminate the OEP booklet).
  • Our home exercise booklets are not designed for generic dissemination. Older people receiving these booklets should have access/contact details of an appropriately trained instructor/leader in the immediate locality to answer any queries and support success.
  • All LLT home exercise booklets are protected under Creative Commons license and may be printed or photocopied in their entirety without charge.
  • If distributed as printed material, no charge must be made for this reproduction or provision without the permission of Later Life Training.
  • Part content (graphics or text) must not be used, or reproduced in any other form without permission, in writing, from Later Life Training.
  • As a responsible instructor delivering exercise to older adults, please ensure you read the LLT Guidelines for Safe Use of Chair as support options, before tailoring the programme.
  • Backward Chaining is only suitable if you have checked they can rise from the floor (safety).

Chair Based Exercise Booklet

Click on the image below to access the Chair Based Exercise Booklet.
For the rest of our exercise booklets, email the office to register for our membership forum.

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